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V9 TADJunkie Patch

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I know that many love the previously designed V2 patch, so I'm excited to bring this new patch design. Inspired by not just my V2 design but several of my previously produced patches and coins, culminated into an amazing design I feel you all will love.

(Bottom Rocker) Vestis Virum Reddit - translates to (Clothes Make The Man); the reason for this being, like clothes, your persona, the way you carry yourself, your morals you choose to put on, signifies how we in the group carry ourselves. We're not just another group, no matter where we come from we come usually for a common thread being TAD, however the atmosphere we create by how we act is what we put on.

Limited Quantity, we'll be doing multiple timed drops in batches. If the item says "Coming Soon" then you still have a chance for another drop. Once "SOLD OUT" appears then they're gone.

LIMIT (2) Patches per order only. Attempted orders with more than (2) patches will be refunded.