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Anniversary Custom TADJunkie Challenge Coin

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For our 4 year Anniversary of the group (Nov 15) I wanted to bring something truly special, something that signified everything that the group means to all of us. Through feedback I knew everyone wanted another coin, and I listened. With this Anniversary coin I pulled out all the stops. Using 3D wax sculpting, two of our logos from our 1st year and most recent, our slogan (#JunkiesHelpingJunkies) and a Latin phrase which I felt truly fitting of the group finished in a beautiful antiqued gold finish.

Vestis Virum Reddit -
translates to (Clothes Make The Man); the reason for this being like clothes, your persona, the way you carry yourself, your morals you choose to put on, signifies how we in the group carry ourselves. We're not just another group, no matter where we come from we come usually for a common thread being TAD, however the atmosphere we create by how we act are also what we put on.

Each coin comes with vinyl coin sleeve protector.

1.75" diameter - 2.9mm thickness
Custom wax 3D sculpting
Antiqued Gold Finish
Blank placard on reverse side for adding custom number/initials/engraving.

Please no more than (2) coins per order, these are limited quantity.